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Hiring Tips

Hiring qualified staff in the insurance marketplace has long been a challenge fraught with risks and uncertainty.  In a series of articles for Rough Notes, Virginia Bates and Nancy Doucette (the editor of Rough Notes) addressed a number of the issues confronting anyone seeking to hire experienced, successful and committed people in their companies and agencies.

There articles are loaded with tips on how to make it through the hiring process successfully and tools for getting the job done.  The articles cover interviewing techniques, the wisdom of skill testing, creating substantive education and training programs, in-house and how much job descriptions can revolutionize an agency or really any organization. These are "must-read" articles for new or experienced managers with hiring responsibilities and VMBhits is happy to make them available through Rough Notes.

Links to Rough Notes:

Preventing "Bad Hire" Days

"That's Not My Job"

"Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills"

Sharing the Wealth

In addition, Rough Notes covered VMBhits in its October 2006 issue: What d'ya know?

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