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Guidelines for VMBhits Scoring

VMBhits tests are designed to identify areas where your staff or hiring candidates are lacking in knowledge that is required to operate in the insurance industry.  In general, if the candidate being tested fails to correctly answer a question, the topic of the question should be the subject of future study.  None of the questions on these is meant to be esoteric.

Each question is meant to represent the information-range of  an experienced  insurance professional who has been in the insurance industry for at least one year.  Each test has information that is gauged from fairly straightforward to a senior level of difficulty. The intent is to represent the range of ease and difficulty that makes up what is a "normal" day in insurance.

Not everyone will get 100%.  A general guideline is:

  • brokers and underwriters should be able to score 90% or better on any of the lines of coverage tests.
  • senior CSRs and associates with 5+ years of experience should be able to score 80% or better.
  • those with one to five years experience should be able to score at least 70%.

Your standards, of course, may vary but these guidelines are meant to explain the level of difficulty you can expect.

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