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You can create your own questions to be included with the VMBhits tests that you administer.  It is as simple as entering the text of the question, possible answers (A-D) and the single letter for the correct answer, and clicking Save at the bottom of the page. 

Once you have the question expressed the way you would like, check off the box labeled "Include in tests" and click Save.  The question will be submitted to the Editors at VMBhits.  Within 48 hours, you will receive email notification stating whether or not the question is approved for inclusion in your tests.  If the question is not approved, you will receive feedback on any problems we foresee with the question along with suggested revisions.

Once the Question has been approved, it will be included in all tests that you administer that include questions on the same subject of the User-Defined Question.  For example, if your question has a Subject of Homeowners, it will appear on Homeowners tests as well as Multiline - Personal tests.

User-Defined Questions are an effective solution for those looking to test for very specific knowledge that may be state-, carrier- or agency-specific.  This feature is provided at no additional cost.

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