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How Does VMBhits Charge for Testing Services?  


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 How does VMBhits Charge for Testing Services?
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How VMBhits Charges for Testing Services

VMBhits offers two ways of paying for tests: 1) as needed/pay-as-you-go and 2) on a prepaid basis. Customers can add funds to their account in $100 increments.

Account Owner and Additional Administrators
If the owner of the account is administering tests, any additional prepay amount that is needed to cover the ordered tests is charged whenever necessary. In addition, the owner can increase the default amount to be credited to the CreditPay account whenever an order is being placed.

VMBhits allows additional people at a client company to use the same account to administer tests and directly receive the test results. These "Additional Administrators" are allowed to perform all of the functions necessary to administer tests on the site. They can also make additional charges to your credit card when there are not sufficient funds to cover the tests being ordered. In order to prevent such users from being declined when ordering a test, the owner of the account should insure that there is a CreditPay balance sufficient to cover the costs of these tests (or indicate, during creation of the Additional Administrator accounts, that these Administrators can make additional charges as needed).

One example of how this might be used is when you want to have a single transaction of $1,000 as a budget for the quarter and then order the tests as needed.

Order Completion
When completing an order, the account owner will sometimes see two charges: 1) the charge being made to the "CreditPay" account (for ordered tests) and 2) the amount being credited to the CreditPay account via a "Credit Card" charge.

On the Customer Service menu, Account Info page, you will see at the top: Your Credit Balance is: $XX.00.

You will also see this amount during Order Completion. If the balance is $95.00, for instance, you could order a couple more $35 tests and the payment method during completion of the order will be by "Credit Balance".

Refund of Credit Balance
Your credit balance will be refunded at any time without condition; simply request a refund by emailing service@vmbhits.com.
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